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Here you can upload WLAN-maps you have created for your own. To create such a map a program is required that is able to trace WLAN networks dependent on their position. Beside of that you need a GPS-module or a GPS-capable device that captures your current position. There exist several applications that are able to do this job. Some of them are supported directly here, other will follow soon.

The data you are uploading here are anonymized automatically: everything except BSSID and position will be dropped from the traces, no information about name, encryption method or other things are stored here. Next no networks are stored that have been deleted out of the database by their owners.

After uploading a file you can download a big map where your data are plotted to the correct position.

Please also set the country where the data belong to (but only in case you trace was made in one country only).

Please note: dependent on the size of your file and dependent on your internet connection speed uploading may take some time! So please be patient while the upload is running.

Программа Формат Загрузить
Airomap Kismet *.csv
G-MoN gmon_wlan.txt
BSSID;LAT;LON;SSID;Crypt;Beacon Interval;Connection Mode;Channel;RXL;Date;Time
WiFiFoFum / iPhone *.kml
WiFiFoFum / WinMobile *.xml
WiFiHopper *.csv
SSID,MAC,RSSI,Mode,Encryption,Speed,PHY,Beacon,First Seen,Last Seen,Pairwise Ciphers,...
WigleWifi *.csv
BSSID,SSID,Auth,First Seen,Channel,RSSI,Latitude,Longitude,...
Vistumbler *.VS1
RAW ( *.csv
RAW BSSID<tab>LAT<tab>LON<crlf>

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