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В чем заключается цель OpenWifi.su?

Similar to the OpenStreetMap-Projekt OpenWifi.su is a free alternative project comparing to similar commercial offers. It provides a general database with WLANs and their exact position.

At the moment there are several companies out there that scan networks and collect data about them without asking the owners. These companies make profit with the data of other people. So it should be the time now to have a project that offers these data for free and - what is more important - where users can decide if they want to share their data with the public or not.

Possible applications for these data are navigation systems and position calculation without the need to use a GPS receiver.

Что дальше?

As a first action you can enter the data of your own WLAN access point or router here. We also are interested in information about closed, encrypted and not publicly accessible networks. Beside of that you also can use an Android smartphone or tablet to collect data for this project fully automatically.
Now that we have a good stock of data you can use them for a pure, WLAN-based location services without the need to use GPS. Already implemend is a programming interface that gives the possibility to use this database and its location services out of own applications. Beside other useful things this gives programmers the possibility to implement a navigation software that also works within closed buildings.
All that only depends on the community and how much people take part at this project - the provider of this service does not have any commercial or financial interests (beside the interest to pay this server also when the traffic increases heavily).

Isn't that dangerous?

Resulting from that there will be some questions regarding the security of your network. Isn't it dangerous to publish information about WLAN networks here? Isn't that a good source for crackers to get information about networks to break into?
The answer is absolutely clear: no, there is no additional risk.
  1. The so called wardrivers do not need such a directory to find networks, these people scan their environment by their own using a car and some special hardware (and very most of them are not criminal, they only have fun in finding as much networks as possible without intruding them).
  2. The search function of OpenWifi.su will not deliver the exact position of WLAN networks. Here the database works in other direction only, it requests basic information about networks to calculate the position.
  3. Your WLAN should be encrypted and closed using the best encryption algorithm that is available in every case,

Current coverage of the database (interactive map, thanks to Jeroen):